2nd International Conference on Biobased Building Materials

First International Conference on Bio-Based Building Materials in 2015 was one of the biggest conferences worldwide in the area on bio-based materials used in construction and provided also an excellent platform for networking with more than 200 participants from all over the world and an exhibition.

In front of challenges of the sustainable development, building materials constitute one of the main targets to answer the environmental issues. The development of new materials with low environmental impact, new techniques of design, implementation, control or diagnosis is a necessity. The innovative materials of mineral or vegetable origin and materials enhancing industrial by-products coming from the recycling have to answer to new requirements of performances: thermal, hydric, physical, mechanical and of durability. For that purpose, it is necessary to characterize these materials and/or their components at the time of their design or in conditions of use.

ICBBM ECOGRAFI is an international conference having for objective to review and to allow the distribution of the current knowledge around building materials and around the Civil engineering established of granular and\or fibrous materials (soils, mineral or vegetal aggregates, demolition material, industrial products for  construction, ... ). The conference has to allow the exchanges and discussions between researchers,  engineers and industrialists on the elaboraAon, the design, the characterization, the performances and the experience feedback about the use of these materials in the optics of the sustainable development.